Peace Making Through Mediation



A mediator meets both parties and their Advocates in a joint mediation sessions. The initial meeting provides for:

  • An introduction to the participants
  • Explanation of the mediation process
  • An opportunity to discuss issues affecting settlement or which are important for the mediator to know
  • An opportunity for parties to express their view of the dispute and their terms for settlement

If necessary, a mediator may meet each disputing party in private sessions. Private sessions offer opportunities to:

  • Help the mediator understand the needs of each participant and the obstacles to settlement
  • Explain to the party the strengths and weaknesses of his case
  • Assist parties to priortise their interests in the dispute
  • Explore confidentially with each side the possibilities of various settlement options

The mediator will spend as much time as necessary with the participants (jointly and privately) to explore all options of settlement. If the parties do reach a settlement, the terms will be written, signed and submitted to the court for approval and passing a decree. If not, the case will be returned to the referring judge for adjudication.