Peace Making Through Mediation



  • Produces more satisfying results than litigation
  • Helps settle all or part of the dispute before trial and during and after trial before judgment, which saves time and money
  • Allows the parties and not the Judge, to determine the outcome. The parties are fully informed by the mediator and they control the terms of settlement
  • Increases participant satisfaction, with a greater likelihood of a lasting resolution
  • Reduces hostility between parties offering an opportunity to restore and preserve business and personal relationships
  • Saves money - if settlement is reached in mediation, there will not be future litigation costs. Additionally, court fees are refunded to the parties.
  • Eases tension and restores peace of mind
  • Promotes justice
  • Allows flexibility and party participation in the development of solutions
  • Uses procedures tailored to parties' needs
  • Develops the interests of the parties
  • Narrows the issues in dispute
  • Identifies areas of agreement and disagreement
  • Fashions creative solutions to protect the interests of the parties
  • Protects confidentiality
  • Eliminates the risks of litigation
  • Allows clients to communicate their views, directly, informally, and confidentially without fear of retribution. Nothing said in a mediation can be used against a party if no settlement is reached.